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The Faces Foundation was founded in 2014 by Dr. Daron Praetzel. Dr Praetzel is a board certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon as well as a board certified Facial Cosmetic Surgeon.  He and his partner, Dr. Aaron Baldwin, perform the majority of the facial surgeries. The Faces Foundation is a pay it forward concept.


The Faces Foundation provides no-cost facial reconstruction services to those in need of such services, that can not afford to have the procedures. Our focus is primarily related to birth defects, wounds and reconstruction from accidents and war. The patient is selected through a board review and application process. The patient and family are required to "pay it forward"  by volunteering hours at our affiliated non-profit organizations. The surgeons wave all their professional fees. The cost for the surgical supplies, surgical staffing, anesthesia and surgical prothesis or reconstructive plating systems, adds incredible expense for each patient's surgical procedures. Some selected patients require multiple surgeries. These surgeries are life changing.


Cracked Concrete Wall

Dr. Daron Praetzel


Ernie Hinz
Executive Director

Surgical Team
Dr. Daron Praetzel
Dr. Aaron Baldwin
Dr. JJ Miller

Surgical Center
Arkansas Center for Surgical Excellence


Board of Directors
Rollin Caristianos
Matthew Cox
Dr. Ethan Erwin

Dr. JJ Miller
Jared Zeiser


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